about us


Our students:

  • Live within a catholic and christian family atmosphere
  • Are instilled with values to live in solidarity with others within society.

That the maternal protection of our lady will accompany them always

The Clarissan Missionary Sisters through a program of cooperation with students which includes games, evenings together, special day celebrations, moments of prayer and adoration, weekly Mass, shared dining experiences and trips out, foster a caring, loving and sociable environment; bearing in mind that Jesus teaching which is the key to the whole atmosphere of the Residence..

Following the motto of their foundress Mother Maria Ines Teresa Arias, “It is urgent that He reigns”, the Clarissan Missionary Sisters are always conscious of an individual’s needs, and  the importance of maintaining their mental health, for which they provide a loving nurturing  environment which complements their formal studies.

The sisters celebrate the richness of the diversity of different cultures and religions which are enhanced in bonds of friendship and respect.